Face to face negotiations are supported by sophisticated information technology.

Negotiation Dynamics – The Game™ does not simulate negotiations. People negotiate with people. You will negotiate with fellow participants, not with a computer. Information technology plays a supporting role, and is designed to overcome key limitations of traditional paper-based role-plays.

  • Negotiations in The Game are embedded in evolving business relationships. Traditional paper-based role-plays are static one-shot affairs.
  • Information technology frees you from tedious bookkeeping. The computer evaluates your deals, tracks the consequences of your decisions and determines their implications for future business dealings. You can focus on the essentials of negotiating.
  • Negotiation Dynamics – The Game™ enables you to explore the full range of consequences of your choices – direct and indirect, immediate and delayed, qualitative as well as quantitative.
  • The Game enables you to negotiate creative deals. The negotiation process does not resemble a multiple choice problem. As in real life, you may “invent” issues for negotiation, set your own agenda and explore creative ways to structure a deal. You are not simply selecting options from a pre-formatted agenda.
  • Detailed analysis of your deals provided by the computer enhances opportunities for learning.