Unique features of Negotiation Dynamics - The Game™:

Evolving Business Relationship

Negotiations are embedded in an evolving business relationship. Negotiation Dynamics – The Game™ tracks the dynamics of this evolving relationship over time. Your alternatives, interests, constraints, perceptions – in fact, your entire negotiating environment – changes as a consequence of your own and your counterpart’s earlier moves. Thus, as in real life, you will largely shape your own future.

Information Driven

Negotiations are information driven. A key feature of Negotiation Dynamics – The Game™ is that the information that will be available to you depends on your previous deals and decisions. In addition, you may search for information using a special tool called Neginfo™. And of course, you may learn a great deal from your counterparts as well.

Creative Deals

Negotiation Dynamics – The Game™ challenges you to become a more creative negotiator. You may “invent” issues and create your own agenda. A special procedure was developed to reconcile creativity of negotiators with the logic of computers. Thus, you will be able to explore a vast array of interesting and creative deals.

Interpersonal Dynamics

Your negotiating experience will be both exciting and highly realistic. As in real life, your objectives, perceptions and emotions will be affected by powerful interpersonal dynamics.

360º Feedback

Throughout your learning experience, you will receive extensive feedback. Negotiation experts are on hand to provide informal feedback and offer helpful suggestions both while you are preparing for negotiation and during the negotiation process itself. After closing the deal, the computer provides prompt and detailed feedback about your outcome. This is complemented by highly interactive debriefing sessions and an in-depth analysis of the key conceptual issues. And towards the conclusion of the workshop you receive comprehensive process feedback based on observations from fellow participants.

Personal Growth

You will discover some of your real strengths as well as, perhaps, some of your “bad habits”. You will learn to play the negotiating game with greater confidence and with superior tactical finesse.

Practical Skills

You will get savvy tips from experienced negotiators around the world, as well as practical solutions for real-life negotiating problems.